From before the creation of the earth, God ordained His eternal purpose for all life—a purpose that, in spite of the rebellion of both Satan and mankind, cannot and will not change. From the Garden to the Kingdom reveals God’s purpose, His plan for realizing it, and what He provides so we can live that purpose today. Author Rod Connell discusses the history of fallen man and carefully examines the life of Jesus Christ, God’s answer to mankind’s rebellion. A thorough, engaging guide showing readers how to live here on earth until the day of Christ’s return, From the Garden to the Kingdom will inform, enrich, and delight readers from all walks of life.

Rod Connell lives in Kampsville, Illinois, with Jane, his wife of thirty-nine years. The Connells have four children and ten grandchildren and own a private school they founded in 1979. Rod pastors Gospel Mission, a small nondenominational church, and teaches at a local Christian rehabilitation center,

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