Songs of a Son

Medium and Message

The Spirit is the Medium,
The Life of Christ transmits;
Anything else alters the Sum
And man in His place sits!

His Life we must allow to live
And let not ours intrude…
Enough that each has gifts to give,
Self we cannot include.

The Part for Faith

The muscle of the brain
Too frail for Infinity…
It cannot stand the strain
Of lifting Divinity!

Even with our spirit’s hand,
The load staggers by weight…
The part left beyond understand
The domain left for faith.

Center and Circumference

Christ, center and circumference,
Or man becomes the head
And alien life gains entrance…
By Him we must be led,

Allow Him to protect His own:
Life, His DNA,
Community birthed from the Throne,
This is the Spirit’s way.

One Picture of Rapture

To the Lord we are wheat
Ripening in His field,
The Spirit supplying heat
To bring the highest yield.

The first-fruits reaped when dry,
All the heads turned to gold;
They are the first to die,
The first to form the fold.

Later, after the sun
Has dried both stalk and root,
The main harvest will come
To gather gilded fruit.

Gleanings are left till last
(The Lord will not forget!)
His own will not be passed,
Though last redeemed from debt.

Shulamite Eyes

Overwhelming that one glance
From these Shulamite eyes,
Fresh from their wilderness stance,
Under revelation skies,

Could ever ravish Your heart!
Yours consumed me long ago,
But to think mine could impart
The same to my Beloved…O!

Home at Last

Christ Himself is our Promised Land,
He our habitation:
In Him we must abide as planned,
No other location…

In turn we are His Dwelling Place,
To both love and transform;
All traces of the Fall erase,
Divine become the norm!

Meridian Glory

A Life like the womb of morning,
Shining unto the Perfect Day;
Always hearing Spirit’s warning
Of the foe’s design to delay…

Meridian glory of the Bride
In clear view now, and it hastens!
The Body at last like the Crucified;
The Spirit no longer chastens:

Gone is every spot and blemish,
Her beauty truly resplendent!
Fulfillment of the Father’s wish
And the reason His Son was sent.

Where Are They?

Where are the ones who will travail,
Giving themselves no rest;
Persist though their cries seem to fail,
Pass the wilderness test?

Where are the foretold willing hearts,
The youth as sure as dew…
The might zeal plus wisdom imparts,
Battling till we see You?

The Mind of the Spirit

The spirit has a mind
Beyond this brain of dust;
Absorbs complete, refined,
What Spirit has discussed;

Waiting for head of flesh,
Across the bridge of heart,
To receive while yet fresh,
News He longs to impart…

New domains in a flash,
Or till grasped, stored away;
Information that lasts
Till its appointed day.

Election Results

Mine by the election
Now eons past;
Such binding selection
Will always last;

No way to overturn,
Nor yet veto:
Till hearts no longer yearn,
That long I know!

The Filling

How can we ever be filled
Except we hunger first?
Nor has the Spirit willed
Water if there be no thirst…

Most are already too full,
The soul well satisfied;
No real need can He pull
From the un-crucified…

But those who have truly died,
Risen again with Him,
All the old fare denied…
It is easy to fill them!

Built to Last

It takes revelation to build,
The Lord the architect;
The very blueprint He has willed
Before we should erect…

No matter how grandly planned
Or what materials be:
No other edifice will stand
The test of Eternity.

Spirit Flights

We all need a transport
To brighten this terrain:
Flights that darkness abort,
Despair cannot remain…

The Spirit’s lift and yet
On solid sod we stay;
A glimpse and hope we get
To keep us till that Day!

Releasing Christ

Power of Christ deposited
Within to overflow!
But full release, Body from Head,
No soul can ever know

Till flesh no longer interrupts…
Smallest fragment must die!
Then the current spirit conducts,
Charges to earth from sky.

Give Him No Flesh

Our foe is already dead!
The life he has we give;
He finds shreds of flesh instead
Of Christ in whom we live…

On that dust he can feed
And draw sustaining breath;
O Lord, grant our greatest need:
Dying, to complete his death!

In Christ

I celebrate my death
On the same rugged tree;
When You drew Your last breath,
It was the last for me…

And then we both arose,
Found our seats in the sky:
Before I was You chose
A place for me inside!

The Call of the Church

The call of the church is plain:
Dynamic link between
The Cross and the Kingdom’s reign,
Proof Christ did intervene:

His victory to maintain,
Showing both power and grace…
Till we come to rapture’s scene,
Earth then Millennium’s place!

Kingdom Demands

Zenith heights of Kingdom demands,
Soaring so far beyond
Human resolve or work of hands…
But one way to respond:

None but Christ can achieve such planes,
So allow Him to live
Until nothing of us remains…
New man’s for His Life give.

The Oases of God

We are called to be oases,
Strategically placed,
Refreshing and to set at ease
Pilgrims, who trials faced:

Harsh heat and countless desert foes,
Resources running low;
New faith and hope, weariness goes!
Through us, God does bestow…

Following the Lord

To find what is down this pathway
I must press on to see;
In this dark place I cannot stay,
Nothing back there for me…

Surely there is light up ahead,
Just beyond the next bend;
Lord, to this fear may I be dead,
See me to journey’s end!

The Ravished Hearts

O Lord, the ravished hearts raise up!
Those with passion and zeal;
The Ones willing to share Your cup,
To Your true Bride appeal…

She of great beauty, yet so fierce!
Self denied, Your return
Her shield that no weapon can pierce…
For Her does my heart burn!

Broken Bread

We too are the broken bread,
Eyes opened by each break:
Brought to Life that which was dead,
More of flesh does it take…

Communion is purified,
Preparing what’s to come:
Supping with the Crucified,
As Bride, in the Kingdom!

A Prayer for Wind

O mighty Breath of God, exhale!
Fill with Your Life earth’s sails,
Hasten this craft to Kingdom’s port
By the blast of Your gales!

The Winds far too calm, far too long,
Slow tack to voyage end…
What can we do to make them strong,
Does Air on us depend?

Life Before Labor

If our labor precedes His Life,
Efforts prove futile, vain;
Only another soul in strife,
More flesh its highest gain…

All true spiritual work must be
By the Lord energized:
He the Source, the Power, and He
The Glory realized!

Preparing the Soil

So deeply has my back been plowed,
My soul to furrows turned;
Thank God my stubborn will allowed,
Praise Him that I have learned:

My flesh prevented the rich sod
Needed for Spirit’s seed;
How abundant now, yield of God…
Great are His ways indeed!

Jacob to Israel

O what a long, suffering way!
Though seeming to succeed;
Not till at Peniel that day
Did Jacob see his need:

From his own strength and will be loosed,
Allowing God to prevail;
Only then was a prince produced,
From Jacob to Israel!

Two Turnings

When we turn, He to us turns,
Meeting us on our way;
When the road home the soul learns,
God comes without delay!

Even as the prodigal son
Came to himself one day,
Father still halfway will run
To greet His precious stray!

The Source of Water

The river bed of the soul
So often parched, so dry;
Waiting for the rain to fall,
We stand and stare at sky…

But precious water we need
Must flow from the inside:
Let not dam of flesh impede
When yours is dead and dried…

In All Things

Let us praise the parched place,
As well as oasis;
Not only heights embrace,
But for depths lift praises:

The desert creates thirst,
Dark valleys vision lifts;
Reaching for best when worst,
So perfect are both gifts!

Freeing the Prisoner

Imprisoned within, Christ we keep,
Dormant as a stone;
There Life will continue to sleep,
Abiding alone…

Unless husk of self is broken:
Then power released
Exactly as He has spoken…
Hundred-fold increased!

The Rod of Love

Though often painful, discipline
Is Spirit’s rod of love:
So much deeper resides our sin
Than that which shows above…

Rebellion beneath the surface,
So stubborn are its roots!
It takes the full force of His grace
To rid us of its fruits…

The Humble

The humble man’s words are but few,
The Lord has tamed his tongue;
But the words of the haughty spew,
Though empty as a drum!

The humble man has been broken,
He listens to the Lord;
Spirit guarding what is spoken,
The speech of pride deplored…

The humble have self forgotten,
The Lord their one desire;
Brokenness has child begotten,
Birthing through Cross and fire!

‘T is only these Father can use,
His purpose to achieve:
Liberated spirits who choose
Themselves to disbelieve…

A Royal Sunrise

‘Twas a royal sunrise today,
I expected to see the King!
Crimson and amethyst to stay,
Rush of charger and angel wing!

Even as the purple faded
And the blood was washed to pink,
I was so certain I waited…
(He’s just over the hill, I think!)

Will and Law

Will is no match for law,
No matter how determined;
Sin always finds the flaw,
On flesh we must not depend…

Will is far too human
To defeat our spirit’s foes;
New Law of the new man
Given, the old to depose…

Our will cooperates,
Nothing of its own accord;
Joined to His, celebrates
Triumphing will of the Lord!

His Eyes

O, without a word that gaze
Can cut to the heart and bone!
Love reflecting highest praise,
Or harsh rebuke from the throne…

A glance at the Shulamite,
Or eye that did Peter pierce;
Both so priceless in His sight,
Love so jealous and so fierce!

Small Victories

O Lord, even You must admit
The victories seem small;
So immense the scope of defeat,
So strong the enemy’s wall!

And yet I hear the Spirit say
With such to be content:
Angelic hosts are on the way,
Soon, reinforcements sent!

As a Child

By falling, a child grows,
Gaining balance and strength;
By his missteps he knows
His direction at length…

And so it is for man
As we follow the Lord:
If we but rise again,
Our path once more restored.

Mutual Help

We must bear our own load,
But also that of others;
Smoothed, in turn, is our road,
Assisted by our brothers…

We must not think only
Of our personal needs:
Such a path is lonely,
Never fills what it feeds…

Perfect Power

Christ said, “Father and I are one,”
But also, “God is greater than I”…
We must follow the perfect Son
And with His arrangement comply:

To be in unity with Him,
Yet in subjection to the Head;
Satan finds nothing to condemn,
Stands defeated, again, instead.

Draw Me

Draw me and I’ll run after thee,
I have no strength of my own;
I long so for my destiny,
But cannot reach it alone…

You have called, now grant Your power,
I feel so weary and faint;
O, for refuge in Your tower,
We so need to re-acquaint!

A Matter of Will

He would not turn stone to bread
For no more than hunger’s sake;
He would choose to starve instead,
Than His Father’s will not take…

But when it came to bread and fish,
He did feed the multitude:
The Father’s multiplying wish,
So He amplified the food!

Tempting God

What He does we must likewise do;
Otherwise we stand and wait…
No need to act, demand or stew
At failure to manipulate.

If He says, “Cast it on the sea,”
We can do so with total ease;
If not, do not tempt, let it be
Until Father and Spirit please.


A lifetime of useless baggage
We all tend to collect;
But Christ died to rid such rummage,
Dead weight we must correct!

If not, how can we run the race
God before us has set?
Of all that hinders not a trace,
For weight-loss no regret!

Surviving the Night

The darkest night of the soul breaks
Just before Oneness dawns;
Full splendor there the soul awaits,
Full freedom, bondage gone!

But the blackness and pain so deep,
Abandoned! cries the heart…
Surely even angels must weep
Before the morning starts.

The Last Three Hours

At high noon the heavens went black,
Providence seemed withdrawn…
Even Father turned His back,
Intimate support gone…

But those last three hours set us free,
Our Savior did not break!
Eternity turned on those three,
Kingdom now ours to take!

His Banner

Love is the banner overspread,
Serves as hope and refuge;
Covering those back from the dead,
Survivors of the deluge

Of attacks by our spirit foes…
Banner of complete victory
Over all that would oppose,
To the Kingdom the key!

Equally Yoked

These words the Spirit has invoked:
Like Groom must be the Bride;
The two of them equally yoked,
Living though both have died…

Death the taint of the Fall removed,
Full dominion restored;
Submission to the Father proved,
The Son finally Lord!

The Secret of Ascent

Increased consecration
The soul’s secret weapon;
Key to high elevation
On ascent to the Son…

No matter the obstacle,
Nor device of the foe,
When consecration be full,
The Summit we will know!

The Blessings of Fire

For Your fire that me consumes,
I give You thanks and praise;
The blessed judgment that dooms
All of my errant ways…

Burn till no blemish remains,
Yes, no wrinkle or spot;
Free from all of Eden’s stains,
Keep Your cleansing flames hot!

Learning to Dance

Through all the trials and chaos,
Look for the Beloved’s glance:
Affirmation to soothe the loss,
And invitation to dance!

Affection He shares with His Bride,
Such sweet-smelling fragrance!
‘T is reserved for She who has died,
She who has learned the dance…

The Prescription

Grace He dispenses as needed,
Mercy administers
When our first love has receded
And the world re-enters…

Bitter tincture of love chastens
Flesh’s fresh intrusions;
A flush of peace and joy hastens…
Spirit’s sweet infusions!

Climbing After Christ

The climb from the Fall to the Kingdom
Treacherous, steep and slow;
But Christ the ladder, so rung to rung,
We must simply follow…

For only the Lord knows the way,
Forged on Calvary’s hill;
His course no enemy can stay,
The Kingdom Father’s will!

Eternal Zion

Much more than mere geography,
Mount Zion’s holy hill:
Engraved in Father’s memory,
Where He chooses to dwell…

‘T is our eternal home as well,
Heaven’s holiest place;
Will never pass away until
The Lord abandons grace!

The Secret of Unity

The center is loving the Lord,
Brethren the circumference;
Once this circle of love is formed,
Unity blessed consequence…

The world will know what You have done,
Mutual love on display:
That the Father has sent the Son,
And dawning of Kingdom’s day!

The Most Highly Blessed

Afflictions we choose to endure,
Simply for the Lord’s sake,
A place in His heart will ensure,
Place in the Kingdom make…

Like David’s passion for the Ark,
To build a house of rest;
These are those after God’s own heart,
Surely the most highly blessed…

The Hidden Ones

The true man of God is hidden,
Even as one who’s veiled;
Who knows all the power’s within,
Whose soul has failed and failed…

No need for self to be displayed,
One who is what you see;
Complete exchange of lives has made,
At home in His company…

Brief Visits

Kingdom sightings frequently made,
But so hard to sustain!
The Life of Christ clearly displayed,
But then does not remain…

To stay, our vessels must be clean,
Free of dross and mixture;
Otherwise only faintly seen,
Brief visits to reassure…

Measuring the Kingdom

Church cannot the Kingdom contain…
Can the earth hold the sun?
Far too vast is the King’s domain,
It simply can’t be done.

A universe is the Kingdom,
Nay, more than words can tell;
Its whole greater than parts or sum,
Church but a stellar cell…

Kingdom Perspective

Lord, grant us Kingdom perspective,
This view we must seek first…
Allow Your Life to fully live,
O satisfy this thirst!

Your true church You said You would build,
Our focus on the Rock:
We simply do what You have willed,
And Kingdom will unlock…

Ever Expanding

Domain more vast than creation
Your child inside contains!
Place of wondrous exploration,
Yet mystery remains…

Whole universes it does fill,
Engulfing galaxies;
Expanding vision You instill…
To see as Jesus sees!

Praying the Lord’s Heart

By the things that break the Lord’s heart,
May my own be broken;
O such intimacy impart!
Your deepest pain spoken…

Then press me to groan and travail
Till the burden is gone:
Such a divine path cannot fail
To hasten Kingdom’s dawn!

Cells of Repentance

Let us begin by thinking small,
Such things do not despise;
A few who make You all-in-all,
Refusing to compromise…

Raise up cells of repentance,
A remnant here and there;
Who for the Body take this stance:
Fervent, travailing prayer.

The Simple Truth

The gospel is Christ plus nothing,
No additives required;
Man’s traditions complicating,
For by the flesh inspired…

Jesus Himself is the good news,
In Him is everything!
It is His Person that we choose,
He is His offering!

Wine Into Water

Jesus turned water into wine,
We turn it back again!
In our vain efforts to refine,
Unneeded works of men

Dilute Life and adulterate;
When will we ever learn?
‘T is only His Life can translate
The water in this urn…

Perfect Love

Fear of the enemy banished:
Your great love, so perfect,
Embraced and it vanished…
Your promise to protect

Beneath the shadow of Your wings,
To love me as Your own,
A persevering courage brings…
I face no foe alone!

The Light of His Glory

The glory of God is the light
He gives for us to see;
Without that glory, no sight
Of Him or eternity!

His glory lights up the Kingdom,
At its center the King…
Above all things, He is the Sum,
Glory of all seeing!

Filling the Present

His Presence must fill the present,
Not just future and past;
Of such distance we should repent,
Pray for closeness to last…

True, we have the hope of heaven,
The Word describes His deeds;
But day-to-day He must be in
To meet our deepest needs…

To satisfy His needs as well:
The coming of His Son,
The Kingdom’s triumph over hell,
Eternal purpose done!

The Function of Desire

Desire is the fuel of ascent;
Store an ample supply!
With this more drawing will be sent,
Propelling to the sky!

Weights of the world left far behind,
Our hearts next to His lie:
‘T is there His perfect will we find,
And desire to comply!

His Garden

O Lord, when You check Your garden,
To see budding and bloom,
May I be free of blight and sin,
Fruit ready to consume…

Perfect methods for growth employed,
How You have worked this field!
Yours now, ready to be enjoyed;
Come, Lord, gather Your yield…

Light Never Stops

“Let there be light!” has never ceased,
He only shines the more!
Kingdom revelations released,
To guide us to its shore:

‘T is ever on the Father’s mind,
The Son also awaits;
Life gathering those where light shined,
Kingdom celebrates!

Our Birthright

We must not forget our birthright,
We are children of the King!
Being born as paupers our plight,
But now to Royalty rising…

Given Kingdom authority,
His Life to defeat all foes;
So defend your territory!
Knowing where you go, He goes…

Glory Alert

Ever on glory alert remain;
His Presence may invade
When the last hope begins to wane,
A transfusion conveyed!

A dose of Life to carry on,
Faith’s confidence renewed…
Taunts of enemy gone,
Fresh glimpse of Kingdom viewed!

Only the Glory

Beholding the glory transforms,
Changes that never fade:
Encounters with the Living Christ
Transcend all the man-made

Efforts to make contact with God…
All works of flesh undone
By even a moment with Him,
The glorifying Son!

Ephesian Vision

Where Christ sits, we find our true seat,
High in the heavenlies…
Place where there is never defeat,
Where we see what He sees!

This must become our vantage point,
Satan always beneath;
This vision Spirit will anoint,
The foe under our feet!

Treasure Chest

Rings of silver, ingots of gold,
Treasures of Father’s chest;
Twin panels of cedar enfold
Fruits of Spirit’s harvest…

Grace’s redemption, rich reward,
Perfect Manhood of Christ;
All of sin’s blight these retard,
And by grace are they priced!

Waiting for the Bride

He must be Lord to each of us
Before becoming Head;
As our Father was to Jesus,
By Him completely led…

Individually we are saved,
But corporately called;
For a Body His own He gave,
For by His Bride enthralled!

A Taste of Glory

Once the glory is but tasted,
Nothing else satisfies…
Repentance for the time wasted
On meals from lower skies!

Only fare from the third heaven
Can truly fortify…
May I feast again and again
From Your table on high!

Reasons to Persevere

Continually sowing in tears
You promise to reward:
Sheaves of fruit when the Lord appears…
So no matter how hard,

We sow, knowing it’s not in vain,
Knowing His smile awaits;
Assurance that eases the pain?
Vision of Kingdom gates!

The Burden

Whatever burden I can bear,
Honor me with its weight;
Whatever portion I can share,
Let that load be my fate…

In Your Spirit, full immersion,
My submission increased;
Then yoked with invincible Son,
Suddenly, lightness released!

Coming Soon

The river is rising,
There soon will be a flood:
Overflow of the King,
A deluge of His Blood!

The world has long denied,
The church has stemmed the flow;
But goal for which He died,
All creation will know!

The Fruit of Submission

Our surrender goes on and on
Till we and God are one;
Last vestige of rebellion gone,
Submitted to the Son…

Eternal purpose is fulfilled
When Christ is all-in-all;
Heaven and earth as Father willed,
Never again to fall…

The Lord Speaks

Turning My glory into shame,
Law overtaking grace…
How long, dishonoring My Name,
Triumph of the Cross erase?

When will you ever learn to live,
Return not to the dead?
Choose the inheritance I give:
Abundant Life, instead!

Orphans No More

We must learn to abandon
Our orphan mentality;
Adopted daughter and son,
Father’s for eternity!

Rights of one natural born
Bestowed by elder Brother:
Cherished now, no more forlorn,
Kindred to one another!

Kingdom Position

Faithful now in smallest of things
Increases our domain;
Overcoming realms of self brings
The coming Kingdom’s gain…

Now a time of preparation,
The time to pay the cost;
Our eternal Kingdom station
Far exceeds earthly loss…

A Sure Crop

Faith is the fertile seed
Planted in fields of hearts;
Hope attending to its need,
And Love its yield imparts…

The Lord the gardener;
He both provides and prunes:
Relief of timely shower,
The sun of fruitful noons!

All Things

Many new things under the Son,
Whole universe in fact!
A new Axis of rotation,
Eternal Life in tact!

The healing of the serpent’s stings
And the venom of sin;
Sheltered by Everlasting Wings,
No lasting harm again!

The Refreshing

Whenever cold and dry,
Plead the Spirit to come;
For warmth and water cry,
And He will bring you some…

Warm southern winds, cool drink,
Refresh body and soul:
The Mind of Christ to think,
Spirit back in control!

The Prayer Closet

Prayer is righteousness
And our greatest secret;
In our closet He will bless,
If we do not neglect

To go, or pray amiss:
Place of surpassing power,
Nothing compares to this…
To just sit with Him an hour.

Just Beyond the Wall

Full Life is just beyond the wall,
Look hard to find the door;
Listen and you will hear Him call,
He wants to give you more!

Open to Him and He will flood
Body, spirit and soul:
For His Glory and your good,
Surrender your control.

Growth and Function

There is no growth without function,
It is by use we grow;
His Spirit gives little unction
To those who simply know

So stand up, with your knowledge, move!
He’s waiting to assist;
By this exercise, growth will prove
That He is in our midst!

From Words to Life

No more teaching, please,
The time has come to live!
Words can never seize
What You have come to give:

Free from what restricts,
By nothing ever bound;
Life and its edicts
Forever to resound!


Looks like a fragile bridge of rope,
But try it, it will hold!
A steep gorge divides, with no hope,
Lest one by faith is bold,

Stepping out and starting across;
Better yet, meet halfway:
Forgiveness flushes away loss,
And grace can heal and stay.


Man is such an amalgam
Of the divine and profane;
A living soul is the sum,
Heavenly and yet quite vain…

A most curious hybrid,
Mixture of Spirit and dust;
Pure gold of God remains hid
Till Spirit removes the rust.

On Dry Ground

When all is dark and no vision
Projects itself on spirit’s eye,
This our challenge and our mission:
Hang on, till at last a reply…

Remember what He said, and know
What He does when the ground is dry:
Sudden springs, pure fountains to grow
Lush revelation, to flourish by!

The Fruit of the Ark

A cornucopia of fruit
Awaiting in the Ark;
All the blessings of Jesse’s Root,
His Light explodes the dark!

Sanctuary of hidden Bread
And resurrection’s Rod;
The commandments for which He bled,
Man reconciled to God!

Christ Passing By

Jesus is always passing by,
As on the sea that night;
Inviting us the same to try,
Turn to faith errant sight…

We must not let the crash of storm
Our unbelief expose…
His ready hand rescues from harm,
To go the way He goes.

Facing the Enemy

Before attack he will try
By some lust to seduce;
Introduce idolatry,
Anything to reduce.

And if all else has failed,
By brothers a vague distrust…
For centuries he’s prevailed;
To escape deceit we must

Both pray and alert remain,
Recalling where we sit:
Elevated seat maintain,
Armor a perfect fit!

The Problem of Pain

We all face the problem of pain,
There’s no getting around;
On earth there is loss for each gain,
So long as sins abound…

The mark of death on each flower,
Even before the bloom;
Programmed into babes ere the hour
They emerge from the womb…

Thank You, Jesus, that You came
To wipe away each tear;
Grant us grace to endure the pain
Till You again appear…

No Need to Wait

For those who clearly understand,
The Kingdom has already come;
For them the great King is at hand
And has become the sum…

For such there is no need to wait,
Christ and the Spirit reign within;
Established is their ordained fate,
Overcome, the tyranny of sin.

A Glimpse in Prayer

I saw a place tonight,
So glorious to me,
I was certain my sight
Had glimpsed Eternity!

Each object glowed with peace,
The colors so serene;
Soft singing would not cease,
Sheer joy suffused the scene…

Time stopped, as in a dream,
So I could catch it all;
Caught up in glory, it seemed,
Without a fear to fall…

Though no one else was there,
I felt the brush of wings;
But then the end of prayer,
Return to normal things…

Since I once found the way,
May I go back again?
The only price to pay
Just perfect quiet within?

The Rewards of Waiting

The bounty of waiting is great,
All promises of the Lord;
Of more value than gold its weight,
His rewards to His adored:

The perfect vision of His eyes,
Seeing as things truly are;
His understanding realize,
The sight of flesh kept afar…

By keeping daily watch with Him,
The strategies of the foe,
And the best way to withstand them,
His favored ones come to know…

Those who quietly upon Him wait
Will never want for bread;
Their hunger will He satiate,
From His Table, instead…

Patient waiting brings perfect peace,
Though the walls are crashing in;
From trusting rest He will release
His sweet, calming balm within…

Waiting provides wings of power,
To rise above the fray;
Added strength for every hour
Of stillness spent this way…

Best of all, His purpose revealed,
And a daily battle plan;
When followed, victory is sealed
For the coming Son of Man…

Poor in spirit are those who wait,
They desire no other place;
By the Beloved their chosen fate,
And the Glory of His grace!

The Weapon of the Word

The Word’s full inerrancy
Must not be compromised;
In some other, no safety,
Only the true be prized:

Contained in its pages,
Effective weapons of war;
Whenever Satan rages,
In the Word the answers are…

The Language of Tears

Brokenness, the language of tears,
To Father, mercies speak;
Humility He always hears,
Greatly blessed are the meek:

Not just the earth to inherit,
But a seat on His Throne!
Most honored position to sit,
Saved for the Bride alone…

The Wonder of Grace

To reason, grace on shaky ground,
A scandal, some have said;
An excuse for sin to abound…
Reverse is true instead:

Undeserved love and forgiveness
A strong constraining force;
Recipient longs so to bless
He gives himself to Source!

Spirit’s Tide

The Spirit ever onward flows,
Never stops or retreats;
Father’s eternal purpose knows,
So its tide He repeats…

Taking with Him all who take heed,
Leaving those who ignore;
Relentless currents surely lead
His own to Kingdom’s shore.

The Offspring of Prayer

All the prayers of hypocrites
Forever remain still-born;
They birth no Godly benefits,
Their parents are left forlorn…

But the simplest prayer of hearts
Yielded fully to the Lord?
Beautiful offspring He imparts,
The Spirit’s blessed reward…

Water of Life

A river from the smitten Rock
From each believer flows;
No satanic tactic can block,
Nor create lasting shoals…

Endless is the heavenly source,
Issuing from the throne;
Healing all who follow its course…
O blessed, blessed Stone!

The Mystery of the Body

In the natural the Bread
Is broken into pieces;
But in the Spirit, instead,
Our Oneness releases:

Worldwide, throughout history,
Transcending time and space;
Such a powerful mystery
At His Table takes place!

Event Horizon

My own event horizon
Now many years behind;
My pathway with the Son
Only upward I find:

The point of no return,
No opposing desire;
Just more of Him to learn,
Altitude ever higher!

The Pilgrimage

Dark and long is the pilgrimage
From earth to Kingdom’s light;
Temptation to stay at each stage,
The flesh cries out to sight!

But this is not home, faith reminds,
So you must journey on;
Keep going until spirit finds
All trace of shadows gone…

The Flowering of Grace

Now but budding, flower of grace,
Not till Kingdom the bloom;
The fragrance then will death replace,
Mortality consume!

Forever its blossom will expand,
Its glory knows no end;
Until Eternity be spanned,
Father’s grace will extend!


Isolation was Satan’s thrust,
From God to separate;
Rebellion brought ruin to trust,
Even distance from mate.

Man is not meant to be alone,
Yet that’s what sin has done…
But Christ came to connect His own,
The Body to the Son!

Psalm 36:9

It is only in Your Light
That anything is clear;
Much bias in our own sight,
Only as things appear

So shine, Lord, with Your full beam!
Penetrate deep within;
Beyond the realm of seem,
Expose all hidden sin…

Fighting the Real War

His peace makes us ready for war,
Battle for the Kingdom;
Preserving of self cast afar,
The Lord become the sum…

Once the inner conflict has ceased,
Our focus is the King:
All efforts for His reign released
Suddenly everything!

Nothing to Satisfy

The trinkets and trophies of the earth
To the flesh call and call;
Alluring, promising to fill
The vacuum of the Fall…

But we must flee idolatry,
Whatever guise assumed;
All the world has to offer
Futile, to frustration doomed…

True Prayer

From Heart to heart and back again,
Essence of true prayer;
Heaven to earth by way of man
What Father longs to share:

The channel proven effective,
The burden of the Lord;
To those who listen He will give
That He might be implored…

The Price of Admission

By its presence or absence,
The Blood saves or will condemn;
No other way for entrance
Than singing the Son’s anthem!

Worthless are the works of flesh,
All manners of man fall short:
Angels check for Blood still fresh
On the lintels of the heart.

The Calling

We are all called like Abraham,
The known to leave behind;
We cannot stay in native land
And yet expect to find

Either Canaan or the Kingdom:
He has shown us the way,
So leave the past and simply come…
Hurry, no more delay!

Cherubim to Cross

The flaming sword was laid aside
That day on Calvary;
Access to Tree when Jesus died,
Life for Eternity!

Cherubim no longer employed,
Replaced now by the Cross:
Kingdom ready to be enjoyed,
Restored, all Eden’s loss!

The Tenacity of Self

Why do small shreds of flesh still cling
To fissures of my mind…
When I know they are denying
Fuller glory to find?

When will my surrender be done,
How much more will it take?
When will my devotion to Son
These mortal limits break?

Only Grace

Only grace forms pearls from sand,
Adornment for the Groom;
And from the same creative Hand,
Gardens from deserts bloom…

From Jew, Gentile, Samaritan,
A pure and perfect Bride;
Kingdom He long ago began
Finished and occupied!

Purpose of Waiting

His strategy for us to wait
Before we go to war?
Time for flesh to abate,
And us know who we are:

Created for this very thing,
Kingdom to usher in;
Ready to follow our great King,
To go where He has been…

The Strength of Weakness

O that we might see our great need,
How truly frail we are!
Then He would allow us to feed
On His provisions for war:

Carnality no more to rise,
Only His strategies;
Victory over earth and skies
Would His mighty army seize!

The Greatest Power

The greatest power? Resurrection…
Time, space and death all bow!
Limits of Eden’s infection
Eliminated now:

The fear of death has lost its sting,
Geography cannot bind;
Past, present, and future nothing,
Ever “now” the risen find!

Blessed Tension

Unsatisfied, and yet at peace:
Longing for more of Christ,
Certain Spirit will more release
Once soul is sacrificed…

Precarious poise to maintain,
But necessary point:
Here I must submit and remain
Till Spirit can anoint…

A Plea for Release

How can we the glory contain,
The shell of flesh so frail?
How can this mortal wall remain
And yet the Spirit prevail?

O Lord, how I long for release,
These limits glorified…
Surge of glory will never cease
Once all of me has died!

Why the Shortage?

In Christ there is always surplus,
Always twelve baskets full;
Excess of supplies with Jesus,
Always more than ample…

So why is there such restriction,
Not enough to go around?
“Abundance!” is His prediction,
“In Me is fullness found!”

On Earth

“On earth as it is in Heaven,”
Must start in the soil
Of these hearts, in that earth begin;
Not letting foes foil

The fruiting of the precious Seed,
Nor its power withstand:
Tending to our own plots the need
For the yield Father planned…

The Immensity of Grace

We are merely touching the hem
Of resurrection’s garment;
Some healing the outcome has been,
But full Life Father sent…

Defeating the last enemy,
Transcending time and space!
O Lord, that we might come to see
Immensity of grace!


I prefer His fruit over gifts,
The Spirit’s choice produce;
What’s free gives temporary lifts,
But death of flesh I choose:

The need for gifts will pass away,
Fruit will always remain;
Food for the Lord beyond decay,
Forever will sustain!

A Vision of Glory

The effulgence explodes
In showering cascades!
A river of pulsing nodes
That neither wanes nor fades…

Waves of living liquid light,
An unapproachable zone!
Too intense for focused sight:
King of Kings upon the Throne!

The Death of Winter

Winter wears a hoary cap,
Mottled shades of knitted gray;
The greens and blues took a nap,
Reds and yellows far away…

A world gone so black and white
Casts all things in stark relief;
But need for color and light
The substance of our belief:

Place where seasons can’t intrude,
Trees allowed to keep their leaves;
Bright hues of canvas exude
A brilliance the soul receives…

Flowers and all manner of fruit
As far as vision can see;
Settled forever death’s dispute,
Winter lost to memory.

Life in Exile

So hard to live in two domains,
Exiled from native land;
Memory of Eden remains,
Our life as Father planned…

Lord God, like Daniel let us shine,
But never settle down;
Remind us, nothing here is mine,
Not riches or renown…

The Judgment of Glory

We all cry out for glory’s fire,
Forgetting how it burns!
All that the flesh can still inspire…
O how the soul yet yearns!

Accompanied by judgment’s blaze,
His glory does consume!
No place for mixture in our ways,
For such He makes no room!

The Marks of Death

Our soul must bear the imprint
Of what has caused its death;
And not the slightest hint
Of independent breath…

We must ask, like Thomas,
For intimate inspection:
As proof to all, and to us,
Of our own resurrection!

The Work of the Heart

I should have brought my brain,
But I left it behind;
So now it must remain
For heart to think for mind!

Lost the reign of reason
And endless either/or;
Heart will have its season
Of taking on the chore

Of making perfect sense:
Sharp, unimpeded tool
To find the center since
I left behind the fool!

A Quick Work

A canker continues to eat
At the kernel of my soul;
Unbundled remains the wheat
Until You repair the hole!

Hurry, O Lord, the harvest
Hastens, and the setting sun
Ripens and takes the best…
Quick! Before the day be done!

Inherent in Time

To doubt Eternity
Is to question Now,
Which inextricably
Pulls forward the bow

Of the craft called Time…
Always to new sea;
Unbroken the line
Into Infinity.

Supernatural Senses

When the words fall silent
On strangely deafened ears;
Stopped all need to be intent…
Sorrow not, I still hear!

Where view is left to other eyes,
And these fragile ones are closed,
I’ll be scanning Paradise,
Seeing mysteries exposed!

Fallen the flesh’s fences
That now encircle me:
Supernatural senses
Attuned to Eternity!

The Eye’s Command

From vantage peak of skies,
His focus is a blaze
Of fueled, insistent eyes;
Intent, heat sent to raise

Body’s temperature
A vital few degrees…
Just enough to ensure
We see what He sees:

Outskirts of the Kingdom
In slowly clearing glass;
Glorious transit from
Promise to come to pass!

Hesitation’s Cost

On the verge of abundance,
Flesh hesitates and draws back
(So stark and straight such a stance,
Surely great suffering’s track)…

So many, poised there, have stayed,
Retaining seeming trifle or two;
Cauterization of fear delayed,
Mystery unplumbed, misconstrued.

Spirit’s Course

All sojourns of the Spirit
Follow two distinct routes;
Whether distant or nearby,
Journey’s end yields two truths:

At times path must be direct,
Sacrificing urge to roam;
Others, the long way around
Is the shortest way home.

To determine which be right,
Avoid all soul’s remorse;
And take no easy shortcuts
That change mandated course.

The Center

Circumference of my sphere
Diminishing with time:
Movement constricted here;
I resist the urge to climb!

For as the circle shrinks,
I hear Him bid me enter;
To learn to think as He thinks,
And close to blessed center!

Enfolded by God

As body is enclosed by clothes,
So flesh by sheath of skin;
Within the flesh lie the bones,
The heart yet deeper in…

And body and soul God enfolds,
Encases by Goodness:
Even as the Lord foretold us…
Love’s divine chrysalis.

Mutual Living

Resting in You, Lord, may I learn,
That You may rest in me…
From all distraction help me turn,
Through this glass better see.

From our mutual rest, let me move
Outward, to all as friend;
Our mutual dwelling place prove
By love You came to send.

Beyond the Sorrow

Like Moses, not allowed to go,
But only point the way;
To tell the things Spirit did show
This frail, crumbling clay…

O, like Moses, that I might sing!
Surpassing glory share…
Look past death and denial’s sting
And see You waiting there!


The spigot of grace ever-flows,
Offered to all who will;
Refreshing the ones Father chose,
Allowed to drink their fill…

First the swallow of salvation,
Then sips needed to grow;
Fount of eternal libation,
As Him we come to know.

Tender Souls

The tender souls bleed tears,
Of both joy and anguish;
Each time the Lord appears,
Answer to ardent wish…

Drops precious to the Lord,
In heaven’s golden bowls:
For Eternity stored,
Tribute to tender souls.

Eternal Touch

We stretch upward, God reaches down,
At point of contact, fire!
An infusion of Life and power,
Eternity to acquire…

Return to original plan,
Cleansed from post-Eden’s mire;
Complete, the creation of man,
Ascent ever higher!

Not Till Glory

Old Adam dies such a slow death…
And new one takes longer!
Not until our last mortal breath
Will Spirit be stronger.

The flesh nourished by Eden’s tree
Hides in small, dark pockets…
Only death or rapture’s glory
Searches and unlocks it.

The Elevation of Love

There’s no love without discipline,
Fuller’s soap and refiner’s fire,
To clean, crack crusts of all within…
Deposit of the Lord for higher

Climes of love, the abode of God;
Far above flat-lands of common sod…
Indeed the flesh must pass through pain
For heights of highest love to gain.

The Rapture of Praise

In praise my soul is enraptured!
For who He is I bless;
By His grace and goodness captured,
How can I offer less?

For all He does, grateful for sure…
But I save highest praise,
Overwhelming and pure,
For His heart, not His ways.

Shafts of Glory

Search for shafts of glory
Breaking through the dark;
Bits of God in the story
Of your day, though stark…

You will always find them there,
Reasons to sing praise:
No matter what, God does care
Praise Him for those rays!

Exhortation to Rest

If Father can rest, why can’t we?
He’s assured it is good
Unqualified simplicity!
Have we misunderstood?

We mustn’t also fail to enter;
Rather, mix faith with Word:
Confidence to rest the center!
Belief in all we’ve heard…

The Sifting of Stillness

Sift me in the stillness,
Filter a bit more dross;
More of You, of me less,
I care not for the loss…

Till as fine as silk, sift!
Listen not to complaints;
Purging hand do not lift,
Rid me of all that taints.

The Mountain of the Lord

The holy mountain of the Lord
We must daily ascend;
As high as our light will afford,
But there it must not end:

Higher peak each day may we climb,
Others await below;
Waiting to hear of the sublime
Heights we have yet to go.

Sacred Simplicity

Sacred tent of meeting this loft,
Loved One and I alone…
So easy here to hear His soft
Voice from the inner throne

He has established in my heart:
Peace settles, surrounds me…
Yet abides when I depart;
Such holy simplicity!

Holy Silence

The holy temple of the heart–
‘T is where the Lord resides;
Honor Him with holy silence…
See! His presence abides!

He will direct our tongue to speech,
So, until then, be still!
The silent Center we must reach
If we’re to know His will.

Intimacy and Reverence

Is it irreverent to speak
About our trysting place?
The intimacy there we both seek,
And of my Lover’s grace?

Sunrises behind the lattice
Charging us with delight?
Working the fields, the two us,
Then home to spend the night?

Intimacy and reverence
Must exist side by side;
No such experience
Till irreverence has died.


Great sinners make great saints,
Extreme begets extreme…
Once freed from all that taints,
Oft greatest of the redeemed!

He who’s forgiven much
Loves to the same degree:
Rescued by divine touch
Yields love’s extremity…

The Compression of Time

He gathers time into the present,
Life to eternal Now;
The temporary made permanent…
To such a feat we bow!

No longer victims of the past,
Now to future extends…
This compression will ever last,
One time, that never ends!

The Thirst of God

To be thirsted after, God thirsts,
One of very few needs;
He longs to be seen and sought first,
For more than just His deeds…

Such thirsting He will satisfy,
That we both thirst the more:
For such, everlasting supply,
Drink from infinite store!

Promise and Experience

By His death Christ destroyed death…
What an ironic twist!
His promise that beyond this breath,
Life death cannot resist!

‘T is experience now as well,
Not to the future confined;
Canceled our appointment with hell,
Death to the fire consigned.

Eternal Shalom

Slowly we make our way back home,
We have wandered so far!
Waiting is eternal shalom,
Becoming who we are…

All of life as God intended,
All not-Him put to flight;
Shalom forever extended
By Father’s love and light…

Clearing the Way

We must learn to loosen our grip
On the flurry of things
That block the path to solitude;
Where the Lord’s offerings–

Peace, joy and rest quietly reside…
Only they can satisfy:
Once love of all idols has died,
Treasure that cannot die!

To Will One Thing

The pure in heart will but one thing:
Union with the loved One;
All else gone, nothing competing
With the love for the Son…

All else consumed by holy fire,
Even the ashes gone;
For but one thing do these aspire–
Breaking of Kingdom’s dawn…

Beseeching the Spirit

Holy Gatekeeper of my heart,
Be ever vigilant!
Shield the lies foe seeks to impart,
Be ever militant!

Though new, my heart yet tends to roam,
From best to only good…
Hover closely on my way back home,
Your path there understood.

Holy Leisure

Grant, O Lord, Your holy leisure,
Realm of the middle voice;
Balance of life and prayer pure,
I cannot but rejoice!

Place that is passive but active,
Essence of Sabbath rest;
In the cupped hands of God, live,
And be most highly blessed…

Our Deaths

Even after our salvation,
A cross stands before us;
Our death no cheap imitation:
Our cross to follow Jesus…

The new man too must surely die,
Daily deliver soul:
Aspirations and will deny,
No longer in control.

The Burning Hearts

The children of the burning heart,
The ones with single eye,
From His side refuse to depart…
Nothing in earth or sky

From their loved One can distract;
Their seat beside His feet
Furnishes all that can attract…
Such love knows not retreat!

Mind’s Eye

To capture and report
To insatiable brain…
The two in rapt rapport,
Clarity without strain:

Quick survey of the screen,
Panorama understood…
Marvelous way machine
Mimics image of its God!

Kingdom Pioneer

The heart’s a pioneer,
Adamant to stay
On spirit’s stark frontier,
Where there is only pray…

Pray and the soul deny;
And patiently wait
For Kingdom to arrive,
And brave heart elate!


Bride made also of men…
A hard lesson to learn:
Made to be head here, then
Submission asked in turn.

Harder yet, daughters of Eve,
From rib of Adam fitted:
So as not the Head to grieve,
She must be doubly submitted!

Battle Fatigue

An army of wounded soldiers,
Many by friendly fire;
The survivors of futile tours,
Hope about to expire…

Lord, unless You come and command,
The Kingdom suffers loss;
Be Captain of the Hosts, as planned,
We. soldiers of the Cross!

The Blessed Paradox

We must never forget,
In the midst of paradox,
There will yet come, “And yet…”
Which the blessing unlocks:

More than healing for pain,
New strength, and even joy;
Attributes that hurt to gain,
From the crushing You employ…

The Blood and the Cross

The Blood can only atone,
It takes the Cross to kill;
If we preach the Blood alone,
The old man will be there still:

The verdict for him is death,
Not raise his head again;
Extinguished in Christ his breath,
Reigning no more his sin…

Exchanged Lives

We simply let Christ live
While we remain dead;
Allow Spirit to give
Us His Life instead…

Any other way, defeat,
The old man cannot;
Sin he will always repeat,
Never erased the spot…

Oasis of the Heart

An audience with the King,
Nothing better than this!
To bring to Him the smallest thing,
Knowing He won’t dismiss…

This, the oasis of the heart,
Cool drink in the desert;
He is waiting there to impart
Healing for any hurt,

To inject faith and empower
For arid road ahead;
To furnish reviving shower,
Giving Life to the dead!

Resisting Impatience

Keeping the word of Your patience
An arduous affair;
Lonely in these waiting stations…
At times You seem not there.

But if I embark on my own,
I have denied Your Name;
So alone again, by Your Throne…
My impatience, Lord, tame!

The Root of the Problem

Worldly both without and within
(The inner binds me fast!)
How long this tendency to sin,
How long the torment last?

The world cannot stir what’s not there,
So I must be the root…
Take Your ax to it, my prayer,
Cut off the source of fruit!

Pray Without Ceasing

Prayer our conduit to Heaven,
To bring some down to earth;
Spirit counteracts the leaven,
Light in darkness gives birth!

We must keep the channels clear
And in near-constant use;
Listen closely so we can hear
All Father wants to loose…

My Hiding Place

O Lord, may my sole stronghold be
The refuge of Your heart;
Sanctuary where I can flee,
Always my first resort!

The Rock my high and sure tower,
My Ark above the flood;
All You provided my power,
The full fruit of Your Blood…

Fire Prevention

Impure thoughts, the misuse of eyes,
Emotions spark desire;
Then trigger of the will ignites
A raging carnal fire!

We must post the spirit to guard
The gates of eyes and mind;
Use Your resources to retard
Flammable things You find…

Power of the Flesh

Pull of the world is strong,
But flesh is stronger yet:
Its fruits to foe belong,
So deep its roots are set!

God’s sentence is to die,
Raise not again its head;
To revive, it will try,
But faith can keep it dead.

A Daily Exercise

‘T is true we’ve been crucified
With Christ, on the same Cross;
Yet parts of us have not died,
Never suffered soul’s loss…

For this lack, only one cure,
Singular remedy:
New man must daily endure
Personal Calvary…

A Change of Diet

From earthly nourishment, Lord, wean,
For You my appetite!
For Your great table I have seen…
What a sumptuous sight!

The finest of the wheat and wine,
From Heaven hidden Bread;
You say all of the feast is mine,
To eat this fare instead!

Answered Prayers

The prayers that prevail
Are prayed until release;
Whether by deep travail
Or by relative ease…

The burden He must send,
And the same burden lift:
Such work will ever end
With answers, slow or swift!

The Little Flock

To the faithful little flock
We are so indebted;
Refusing to leave the Rock,
By their footsteps we are led…

No matter pressures Foe applied,
Nor devices of man:
They paid the price for why He died,
Made camp by Father’s plan…

Wandering Off Course

The Body has lost consciousness,
Hardly a flicker remains…
Of the true gospel, less and less,
(The enemy gains and gains!)

The Kingdom in the distance seen,
But up close, now, not a trace…
O Lord, bridge the broad gap between,
Correct our leg of the race!

The Tree of Addiction

Those first seeds yielded dark fruit,
Fallen body sustained;
And now, seed, fruit and taproot…
The darkness has remained.

Repeated attempts to uproot,
Or by the will resist,
Fail to stem craving for the fruit…
The addiction persists!

Never Broken

No matter what we feel,
Our covenant stands fast;
His great love remains real
Till Eternity is past!

He signed it with Lifeblood,
And the Spirit has sealed;
His pledge will prove good
When Glory is revealed…

Topography of the Soul

The soul is yet a vast wasteland,
Topography since the Fall;
A treacherous landscape, unplanned
Till choice to sin came to call:

Arid valleys of emotions
And proud mountains of the mind;
Distance from God spanning oceans,
Way back home hard to find…

At the Heart

At the heart of the universe?
God’s desire to forgive…
How He longs to undo the curse
So creation might live!

To destroy the shadow of death
Till death itself must die…
His endless Life the length and breadth
Of earth’s expanse and sky.

The Edge of Prayer

Always on the edge of prayer…
Need but a gentle nod
And His burden I quickly share,
Take up the heart of God.

Ready to pray, never ceasing…
Remaining on alert;
The sure will of God releasing
To human need or hurt.

The Living Dead

The latent life of the old man
At any time can revive;
Instant resuscitation can
Bring the dead back alive;

Over the smallest thing:
A thought…there he is again!
The soft, yielding flesh pushing
To places it’s already been.

It gives no satisfaction,
No old familiar relief;
A guilt-ridden distraction,
Rebellion to new belief…

So why the insane journey
To destinations we hate?
When for good will he leave me
And his ghoulish ways abate?

A Lament for the Church

Judgment may not be averted,
The church has fallen far!
Her true calling she’s deserted,
Leaving the field of war…

By success and comfort seduced,
Grown fat on compromise;
The gospel of glory reduced
To pomp, programs and size…

Life After Birth

In an alien atmosphere
The newborn spirit arrives;
One gulp of transcendent Air
And the fragile thing survives!

But growth in the days ahead
Threatened on every side:
Need to keep the old man dead,
The new one daily denied!

Between Soul and Spirit

I find myself between kingdoms,
An awkward, lonely place…
One left behind, the other comes,
But dark this spur-line space!

Definitely lights ahead,
Yet with each step, they recede:
If path wasn’t by Spirit led,
This fear would I surely heed…

Elegy for the Lost

It takes some so long to formulate
(And life is so very short)
For exactly what it is they wait
(There is much through which to sort!)

The strange and nebulous yearning,
Something in the pit that gnaws;
Right when it seems they are learning,
Mortality comes and awes!

Clearing Reception

Soul and spirit separated,
So contact is direct;
Clear now what Spirit stated,
No more need to dissect…

Renewing the mind a process
Instantly accelerated;
The heart-bridge able to bless
As Father anticipated.

Supply from the Rock

Our Lord turns Stone into Bread
Daily for His own;
By Streams from the Rock they are led,
Honey from the same Stone…

Embedded there, too, is Oil;
Chipped free and struck, flint
Sparks, giving Fire for earthly toil…
Supply from the Rock!

The Settlement

Lucifer’s fall from higher skies
Established kingdom lines;
To former heights no more to rise,
Earth now his realm defines…

Deceiving man to follow suit,
But numbered are his days;
Settled soon the kingdom dispute,
This time the real King stays!

The Measure of Greatness

Greatness by surrender measured,
Not by doing great deeds:
Bowing to Father’s will treasured,
Ever meeting His needs…

But when submission is the source
Of all we do or pray,
Fruit that lasts will follow of course,
Such is the Spirit’s way.


We need reminders to remember,
Signals to forgetful mind;
Concrete markers memories stir,
Of peak times time left behind…

Whether it be an altar of stone
Or simple plaque on the wall,
Tokens of the good we have known,
Catalysts for sweet recall.

The Fruit of Silence

It is in silence we learn to pray,
Fruit if we but listen;
Waiting for what Father has to say
By His Spirit within…

Always an answer to such prayer,
Will of Heaven released;
Promises to earth residing there…
But clamor must be ceased!

A Sure Foundation

Building up after breaking down–
This the Spirit’s pattern;
Sure foundation to build upon
Once the first one we burn!

Then on bedrock instead of sand,
Pylons are buried deep;
This tower just as Father planned,
For foe too strong, too steep…

When the Light Fails

If the heat of light fails to kill,
It only reached the head;
Revelation’s target missed still,
Inflates the pride instead…

Dismissed to reason and thought known,
To darkness fades the light;
Stronger light on the subject shown
Needed for spirit’s sight…

If failure here, then chastisement
Sole means to Father’s ends;
The object of why light was sent
On His tough love depends.

The New Creation

His pure Body, the precious Bride
A colony, a new race!
A community who has died
So His Life could replace

The last vestiges of the old:
Mutual submission,
A beautiful thing to behold!
Progeny like the Son…


Our foe is running out of moves,
More deceptions exposed;
Light of the Holy Spirit proves
Too much for lies proposed…

Surely the Day is nearly here,
Satan growing frantic;
Yes, soon all the darkness will clear,
Can’t you sense his panic?

The Economy of Grace

The economy of grace,
Free of merit and worth,
Never deficit must face–
All is bestowed by birth!

Freely received and given
By each blessed citizen;
Eternal interest from Heaven,
Dividends that never end!

Where Joy Resides

Always past the horizon
May our vision abide;
For there the joy of the Son
Is full, cannot subside…

Forever reflecting Light
To this darkened terrain,
Until our faith turns to sight
And that blessed Land we gain!

God of Mammon

‘T is Satan, God of Mammon,
Assigns values to things;
Economy of the Son
Bounty of gifts He brings!

But for the foe, merchandise,
Business acumen;
Concise, demanding his price,
Eye for eye, skin for skin.

His traffic, variety,
Cattle to fine satin;
His most prized commodity?
The precious souls of men…

Life Just Lives

All we need is the Mind of Christ,
Which is what Father gives!
All things by reason analyzed?
Not at all, life just lives!

The very nature of that Mind
Knows intuitively;
A new Mind, not the old refined,
The Lord’s blessed legacy.

Processing Gems

As coal to diamond
A fair comparison;
So believers to Son,
Similar, yet not done…

Apply pressure and heat,
No longer us but Him;
Transformation complete,
Duplicate precious gem!

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  1. Kevin says:

    Could I have a scripture reference to look up after some of the readings to enhance my reading experience? Thank you

  2. goldfishka says:

    Develops the theme further.

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    I like The Work of the Heart.

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